A Tale of Two Studios

Coming out of the Holiday season, little bit ho-ho-hungover, I find myself with an interesting problem: too many topics to write about.

You see, there were some really big things that went down recently involving same-sex couples in the media doing controversial things. One of them animated:


And one of them not:

Hah, I made a “James Franco is gay” joke, just like everyone at his roast. Can I get paid now?

I joke, of course, because James and Seth aren’t in trouble for their obvious love for each other. No, they’re in trouble for the fact they made a movie which happened to revolve around the death of the dictator of North Korea.

At first glance, it would be fair to assume these two topics really have nothing to do with each other. For me to be able to link these two, which apparently is my goal, I’d have to find something in common between the two of them that would somehow connect this whole thing together. In fact, I’d have to make these two subjects which are so massively different connect somehow.

Good thing they’re not as different as they appear, because both deal with…

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