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WTF Whenever: Censorship For God?

For as long as there have been movies, there have been religious fundamentalists trying to bring an end to them. Since the things started there’ve been people proclaiming them as the work of devil and some would argue it’s appropriate Charlie Chaplain shared facial hair with Hitler. Their general argument over the years has been that having something you can actually see is going to somehow corrupt the minds of the people seeing it. This is an understandable position for someone with a third grade education: anyone who can make still images move is clearly a witch.

Some even claim to be “warlocks”
After a century or so of dealing with angry villagers at their gates, studios have gotten pretty good at tuning these people out and just selling the four cardinal sins: sex, drugs, violence and popcorn. The turning point was probably about the time when literacy rates spiked enough that everyone could actually read the book rather than just leaving it to one guy per town. Because anyone familiar with the Old Testament knows it’s 90% sex, drugs and violence in the first place.
Including massive amounts of incest!
But in recent weeks they’ve gone to new lengths. Just this last week Frozen was accused of being gay propaganda created by the devil to convert children into new homosexuals. Aside from the fact that it takes some stretching to even see how one character might be gay, I have it on good authority that my girlfriend and her roommate went to see that movie together and haven’t once made out since. Aside from proving they might be wrong it could also stand as ground on false advertising if these guys keep it up.
“I was promised hot lesbian action involving ice cubes.”
But the real prize winners have to be for the people who protested Paramount and Fox recently over Noah and Cosmos. You see, Paramount had the gall to do a version of Noah’s ark that was filmable while Fox went and tried to teach kids science. But the part that really gets me is that, in both cases, the nutjobs won. I expect crazy to come out of the fundamentalists, but for the studios and their affiliates I’ve gotta ask…

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WTF Wednesdays: Another Book Deal For The Kardashian Klan?

Haha, the news media is talking about there being a new novel from the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” brood. Stupid media, they did that years ago, polishing up their lives with “interesting” bits and releasing it as a novel called Dollhouse. Yet you guys are acting like it just happened. We all know the Kardashians haven’t gone back to reading and writing since disagreeing with the dietary advice they got from “Green Eggs And Ham“. Man you guys are slo-

Oh crap, there’s more of them?

Who the hell is that? Jenner? What the hell is a Jenner?! And what do you mean they have a publishing deal for a book that won’t even release until next year? They look like they’re still in high-school!

Apparently, if you’re in that bloodline it doesn’t matter if your manuscript is written in crayon. Though it wouldn’t be the first time a member of the K Clan managed to make a lot of money with only a 9thgrade reading level.

So WTF is up with…

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WTF “Wednesday”: Forming a cult might be too easy

So, full disclosure, this isn’t Wednesday. I had a semi-rough week getting myself motivated and I decided five posts this week just wasn’t going to happen. I’ll try harder next week, but just pretend it’s Wednesday anyway!

Anyone who has been keeping up with me this week may be wondering just what it is I have against L. Ron Hubbard besides the fact he was a horrible person. Though I laid out in the first entry of the week that people like him (or anyone adding to the culture) could influence the shape of the world, it still might not be too clear just why, of all the people I could hate on, I’m hating on a dead man for the week.

The fact of the matter is the reason why I dug up L. Ron’s work and his corrupt influence is because I’ve been watching for the last couple of weeks as people repeatedly got sucked into the same damned effect that gave that man power in the first place. There’s a force that allows people to leverage their exposure into this near omnipotent position in the cultural mindset. And when someone is given this kind of power, it can often bite the creative world in the ass.

So what the fuck is up with…

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WTF Wednesdays: Nineteen Eighty-Four starring Kristen Stewart?!

In an effort to start routinely updating this blog more regularly than I did before, one of the things I needed to do was find a way to write five blog posts routinely. So then as I was trying to think of something to write, I was browsing news stories and saw something that just made me go “WTF”. After some consideration, I realized that the goofball I am would totally write a column on Wednesdays called “WTF Wednesdays”. So, here we are!

WTF is up with…

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