When secrets get out, who is the real monster?
  • Format: ePublished Novel
  • Genre: Supernatural/Sci-fi Mystery
The second book in the Altered World series!

It has been a while since Nathaniel Leone was promoted to an Agent with the ACTF. Though the scars are still healing from his first case, he's become a stronger Agent as a result of the things he learned over the last year. With more experience and some hard-learned lessons he's found himself more capable and confident in the job.

But when Nate's called to the scene of a brutal murder in a Seattle alley, it becomes clear that every agent in the force may have to start searching for an unusual Alter loose in the city. With the help of Dulaf and Lucian, Nate digs deeper into what this Alter is doing in the city and how it managed to get there. The deeper they get, however, the more they realize something more dangerous is happening behind it all. And, with a newly formed division of Federal agents from the United States government hovering over the investigation, it seems that someone in power wants to keep them from uncovering the answers.