You’ve come to a strange place owned by a madman. I sit here not inspired by the muses or even an interesting chemical addiction, but rather by a mixture of boredom, fever dreams, and really strong allergy medication. With luck, you’ll find yourself entertained, settle in and maybe even follow me on Twitter where I will occasionally spout similar nonsense in 140 characters or less.

While you’re here you’ll find my books, which I’ve worked incredibly hard on and wish for you to read. With every purchase, a percentage goes to the aforementioned madman who would use them to buy noodles in cups of various sizes. Perhaps, one day, we will add toppings. But, until that day comes, it brings joy to his heart to know that people are enjoying his work.

Also on this site, you will find the blog. The madman updates it fairly regularly – health, sanity, and motivation willing. And in that blog you will find topics ranging from opinions of the world, subjects relating back to those books you can find here, and writing tips which the madman has been told have been somewhat insightful from time to time.

Dear god, I’ve slipped into the third person…