Book 2: A Patchwork Soul

Seattle’s Fangtown has long been one of the hottest Alter enclaves outside of Argyre. The weather was great for people averse to sunny days, the border was a relatively short drive away, and the city had an underground level that was prime for some subterranean renovations. On any given night you could find everything from Vampires to Trolls wandering the streets. But recently the city became a lot more than a hot-spot: it became a safe haven. A courthouse roof exploded with a rain of glass at just the right time to set off a small political revolution and what used to just be a trendy location was now Alter-kind’s home away from home.

Nathaniel Leone was there to see it happen during his first days as a full-fledged agent. Hell, he was unlucky enough to be standing on the rooftop. But now that everyone else is settling in to their new normal, he can’t help but feel uneasy about it all. It could be a touch of PTSD, a lifetime of changing fortunes, or the fact he knows a man in a glass box who helped orchestrate it all. Whatever it is, Nate’s still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Unfortunately, Nate might be right to feel uneasy. There have been reports of strange sightings, Alter women have started to go missing, and a brutal murder scene suggests something powerful is at the center of it all. After years of convincing people not to worry about Werewolf attacks, there’s suddenly an actual monster on the loose. And, worst of all, someone’s trying to cover it up.

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