Oh, and one other thing

I kind of swore to myself I wouldn’t do this. But seeing as I just spent a great amount of time more or less complaining, I should take this time to point out that I have been informed that I will be published for the first time ever by someone actually willing to pay me! No More Heroes is an anthology in a shared universe the editors created involving a bit of a post apocalyptic scenario. Whenever they’re getting ready to publish, I’ll be sure to whore myself out in more detail.

But for now, I’ll just have my victory dance. If I ever get a million dollar contract, I’ll have to learn to do it for myself.

And die trying.

Maybe I’ll just learn to tap.

And, I’ve also published two books now. The crazy things that can happen with time.

Life’s too short

When I first thought about analyzing books from a psuedo-futuristic perspective, I thought it was a pretty witty idea. After all, after hearing enough lunatic concepts of what writers must have been thinking when they gave a little girl a red cape, I’ve come to appreciate that people who analyze fiction are often looking for something more than is actually there. To me, that’s hilarious. But then something happened…

See, when it came time to sit down and think about the next book or series to review in this fashion, I realized a few things that were troubling to me. First, I couldn’t think of any other book or series that I figured would survive past our generation that I could analyze in the same tongue-in-cheek fashion. Second, of the ones I could think of that I could poke fun at, none of them seemed truly worthwhile to me. Third, Edward was a vampire. Fourth, I honestly didn’t want to go there.

Not to say that I don’t see a point in analyzing that which shall not be named. On the contrary, I analyze it often, because there’s a troubling undercurrent to the concept that it exists and that it’s as popular as it is. Quite honestly, I don’t think those around me understand why exactly I analyze it as much as I do, they all know my opinion of it, but at least one of them would rather I just shut up about it. For one thing, no, I am not a fan of it. I can’t say I entirely hate it either because I really feel more of a neutral curiosity towards it. You see, it brings my world view of the industry as a whole into question.

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