WTF “Wednesday”: Forming a cult might be too easy

So, full disclosure, this isn’t Wednesday. I had a semi-rough week getting myself motivated and I decided five posts this week just wasn’t going to happen. I’ll try harder next week, but just pretend it’s Wednesday anyway!

Anyone who has been keeping up with me this week may be wondering just what it is I have against L. Ron Hubbard besides the fact he was a horrible person. Though I laid out in the first entry of the week that people like him (or anyone adding to the culture) could influence the shape of the world, it still might not be too clear just why, of all the people I could hate on, I’m hating on a dead man for the week.

The fact of the matter is the reason why I dug up L. Ron’s work and his corrupt influence is because I’ve been watching for the last couple of weeks as people repeatedly got sucked into the same damned effect that gave that man power in the first place. There’s a force that allows people to leverage their exposure into this near omnipotent position in the cultural mindset. And when someone is given this kind of power, it can often bite the creative world in the ass.

So what the fuck is up with…

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