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History of the Holidays: Christmas

As it is a Monday, and I’ve recently established a theme for the day, I feel it’s time to once again tackle the world of Mythology, specifically continuing my tour of world mythologies. But, seeing also that it’s the Christmas season, I felt the urge to do something a bit festive. So, with the mission statement of trying to expand my mythological horizons, I went looking for unusual or unique myths from around the world tied into this time of the year. What I found, though, was that there was one figure known all over the world which had origins so complex that, even though people know of him almost everywhere, most don’t have the slightest clue how complex he is.

Who could it be? This fat jolly bastard.


Because what we’ve got here is a fusion of figures so distinct from each other that the end product looks like all of them and none of them at the same time. Basically, he’s a holiday smoothie. And so, for the first time, Alternative Mythologies will look towards Europe and dig deeper into the figure we know as…

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