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In the Alters’ World (and the series of books found here), creatures of legend reveal themselves to the world. Born through genetic abnormalities, defects and mutations, the Alters have lived for centuries as outcasts of human society, hiding their true nature from the world while colorful stories have been written by many to describe what they’ve seen. How are these creatures different from what was described in the stories? What relationship do they have with humanity? Every entry of the Alterpedia will delve into a new creature from around the world. This week we cover:

Succubi & Incubi

The other creatures of the night, vampiric entities that tempt the unwitting into tawdry, lustful acts – Succubi and Incubi are often whispered about in the same sort of tone as their Vampire cousins. Coming to the sleeping and entering their dreams, their thoughts, and their desires, the Succubi and Incubi can turn and twist even the most pious individuals towards their more carnal natures

But is the fear of these people really a genuine threat from these somewhat sinful creatures? Or has their reputation been generated by the irrational fears of religious zealots shaming people for taking part in acts they do not approve of? What’s the truth about these tempting denizens of the night?



In the ancient myths the Succubi and Incubi  were demonic in nature, featuring grotesque forms that mirrored their supposedly evil natures as they would appear to people in their dreams and attempt to restrain them for the sexual acts. Over time, the image of Succubi softened, slowly becoming more attractive and alluring to men. The change of appearance may have been a result of changing opinions on the people or on some belief that they may have been shapeshifters who could use their control on the dream world to become whatever the victim would want them to be.

Incubi, however, continued to be depicted as monstrous entities with clearly demonic traits. Rarely did the Incubi seduce their victims and rather would forcefully pin them as their form would be unpleasant to almost all individuals they encountered.


Incubi were not, in fact, demonic in appearance. Much like the later depictions of their female counterparts, Incubi are generally incredibly attractive to women (and some men). In society their appearance may range wildly but can easily be identified by the fact that women swoon over their presence and lose all ability to hide their intentions.

As for Succubi, they are as they have been described in modern times, usually quitte attractive and fitting ideals of the modern society around them. While this is believed to be due to natural genes, there has been evidence that a great deal of the business for the cosmetic surgery industry has been a result of frequent visits by Succubi wishing to enhance their image.

Though this may have been to prevent drowning on the set of Baywatch

However,  while many of them fit this form, there have been a great deal of Succubi and Incubi who do not fit the stereotypical image and have some evidence to possessing special powers which may allow them to compensate. The extent of these powers is unknown, but it does lend credence to the idea that they may have used their powers to cover up truly demonic appearances.

Though, as pointed out before, a transformation this wild suggests a metamorph



Succubi and Incubi are psychic creatures which can enter the dreams of sleeping victims, manipulating them and seducing them through their innermost thoughts during their moments of weakness. During this time they can induce such effects as paralysis, uncontrollable lust and involuntary erections.


Succubi and Incubi do have some psychic-like abilities attributed to biochemical interactions between them and those around them. Reading certain chemical markers instinctively, they are capable of determining what a person desires and their specific mood at certain times. Then, via pheromones and body language they’re capable of influencing those individuals in their vicinity. The result can be quite potent but typically do not result in “involuntary erections” as their influence makes such events almost universally intentional.

Especially in the modern day



Typically, Succubi and Incubi are depicted as violating someone’s personal space as they sleep, seducing them and having intercourse with them as they are under the psychic manipulation. Depending on the story, this may be simply for the act of corruption or for the sake of feeding – much like vampires.

When feeding, the actual source of their nourishment changes according to which version of the story you encounter. For some versions of the story they even feed on the victim’s soul or libido.

They typically avoid the waking and those who may reject them, not often failing to seduce their target. Because of this, they are often reclusive and only seen y those they are currently victimizing. Once they have a target, they will often continue to feed on them until the individual dies.


Succubi and Incubi suffer a severe chemical imbalance and deficiency. As a result of this, they use their abilities to seduce healthy targets in order to interact with them physically and take advantage of their target’s biochemistry. This interaction both boosts production of some hormones that the Succubi is deficient on and allows them to siphon further necessary materials through fluid transfer.

While most “victims” of these attacks do not die from this encounter, many of them are left weakened and may be ill for some time afterwards due to exhaustion and dehydration. Because of this, contrary to the belief that they would hide from those who they have not victimized, many Incubi and Succubi do their best to form a harem of individuals who can be fed on in rotation to allow for a steady diet.

Because of this, many Succubi and Incubi are what could be defined as “attention whores”. They will begin to migrate towards professions such as pornography, erotic dancing, prostitution and celebrity sex tapes.

Through this attention grabbing, they gather the influence required to maintain a steady group of suitors to supplement their chemical needs.


While there do lie many kernels of truth to the folklore about these people, the truth is that they are not dangerous to society as a whole. There are individuals who must do their best to avoid being under the influence of such people, especially those who have previously shown a lack of control.

But aside from the obvious health issues caused by the exhaustive encounters with these people, many recover and suffer no long-lasting effects from the time spent with them. However, as cannot be expressed enough, while these people are of no threat to the majority of society, some people should not be allowed to get anywhere near these individuals.

For their own sake.

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