Alterpedia: Empyreals

In the Alters’ World (and the series of books found here), creatures of legend reveal themselves to the world. Born through genetic abnormalities, defects and mutations, the Alters have lived for centuries as outcasts of human society, hiding their true nature from the world while colorful stories have been written by many to describe what they’ve seen. How are these creatures different from what was described in the stories? What relationship do they have with humanity? Every entry of the Alterpedia will delve into a new creature from around the world. This week we cover:


Throughout the world there have been stories of beings of light who embody a divine presence of a higher plane than we mortals could understand. Creatures like these have been described as existing as beings of smoke, light or fire that interact with us but are not a part of our world. These entities have existed under many names and many forms throughout history and across different religions.

To the Buddhists and Hindus these entities are known by names such as the Bodhisattva, Gandharva or Dakini.

To the Greeks they were the Eudaemon while the similar influences of Egypt featured the likes of Ra.

But, most famously, to the Abrahamic religions they have been the Nephilim, Djinn and, their most well known name, Angels.

Angels are among us! At least according to the many people who have been claiming to have seen them over the millennia. Even into the modern day people continue to have experiences with entities who seem unworldly and surrounded in light. Recent television series have even explored the idea that Angels are not just among us but have actually been trapped on the same plane as us.

It didn’t look pleasant either
But are the angels really among us? And if they are, are they like we’ve imagined them for all this time?

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