The Women Of Star Wars

Long, long ago in theaters far, far away a film franchise surprised everyone (including the studio that distributed it). George Lucas managed to pull a fluke out of thin air and created a box office powerhouse by fusing the monomyth with space opera to create a story that would go on to create one of the most passionate fan bases around. And, for decades, this fanbase was mostly happy but continuously asked for more. Then, they were given what they wanted, and all hell broke loose.


“We want more good stuff” they cried, convinced that memories of the original trilogy weren’t colored by nostalgia. But as time went on and George kept on trying to satisfy them with new things, he grew weary of it all. Finally, George gave up and walked away, handing off the property to Darth Mouse and exiling himself to a ranch house on Dagobah. And Darth Mouse then attempted to make good on the promise to give the people what they want, a Star Wars movie that they couldn’t complain about.

But… some totally did.

Not everyone, mind you, a small but vocal minority. Some of them were really angry that the EU was being discarded. Others thought that the protagonist of the movie, Rey, was actually a Mary Sue. In their opinion, Rey was made to look better in her first outing than Luke was in his and there were no logical explanations for it. Honestly, the argument felt a bit silly in a franchise where a mystical force can drive the protagonist, but there were some arguments that could have some ground if Rey turned out to have no backstory. But since so many people agreed the movie was good, The Force Awakens was hardly scratched by angry fans and the Disney Empire continued to capitalize on the property they’d bought by releasing a trailer for the first of many planned spin-offs.


And those same people complained again because the protagonist of Rogue One was also a woman and many of them, without seeing the movie, even argued that she would be a Mary Sue as well. Disney, unfazed by these complaints, went on to admit that making the protagonists of the last two films female was “purposeful”. Heads exploded like Alderaan. But, all the while, the Wookie that writes this blog had one thought about it all…

Hasn’t Star Wars always featured kick-ass women?

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