Checklist for the Aftermath

Saint Patrick’s Day has rolled on through and you just woke up from your blind stupor. That was some party, wasn’t it? You’re dazed, confused and probably wondering just what the hell you did over the last couple of days. First, just to be clear, as of this writing, it is Monday, you blacked out and it’s probably for the best you can’t remember what you did for that day. If you go to church, though, they are going to be judgmental about it next week. As a catholic this is fine since you’re likely to just have to say a few Hail Marys and put up with being nudged a little when it’s your turn with the sacramental wine. But there’s some more important things to consider.

Don’t be ashamed to admit that you’ve had a problem in the past. Obviously, if you’re reading this now with a cup of coffee and no memory of the last 48 hours, you’ve had a bit of a drinking problem. With your tendency to get blitzed to the point of complete blackout, you’ve likely got a record (unless, of course, you work for Wall Street, then you’ve probably been rewarded for your criminal activities during your momentary lapse of consciousness).

So, if you do have a probation, and you probably do, there’s a quick checklist you need to check before you continue on with your day:

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