Regaining Momentum

Getting in the zone can be difficult. It’s not simply about finding beginnings, but about keeping momentum when you have it and not letting it slide. Mental exercises take a lot of dedication, focus, and clarity to be able to pull off. So, when something happens to make you lose that momentum, it can be incredibly hard to get it back. Maybe the holidays got in the way, maybe you were forced to work on something temporarily more important, or maybe your motherboard burned itself in such a fashion that the marking looked like a shit stain on your life.

But whatever happened, it can be incredibly difficult for some people to get back into the swing of things and back on top of it. Hell, I know I’m struggling with it right now after having finished my recent repairs and the holiday nonsense. Momentum is, by its very nature, a form of inertia and inertia tends to be hard to start and stop without some outside force. So you’d be forgiven for sitting back down and realizing that the forward motion you had before has suddenly turned into spinning your wheels like you’d just rolled into the mud.

No problem, right?

So, how do you do it?

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