Live Long and Prosper, Peace and Long Life

I haven’t updated in over a week. Life got in the way and I spent the last week knee deep in grass clippings and mud. Suffice to say, I was deeply touched by the message of Odinani about paying proper respect to Ala and got a little swept up in it. Or I just had to do some lawn care that became progressively more complicated as time went by. It was one of these, and I’ll never say which.

But as I rose from my tormented slumber, I found the internet ablaze with news that was causing tremendous outpouring of emotion from all corners of the internet.

Seriously, have you seen this fucking dress?


And of course, Phil Robertson apparently said something outrageous again, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone anymore.


But then something actually important happened: Leonard Nimoy died, and for a brief moment… everyone stopped talking about that damned dress…

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